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Be Ready for the GCSE and A-Level English Exams

A strong grasp of the intricacies of the English language is the foundation of good communication skills. These skills, especially writing skills, are vitally important in all Primary School, GCSE and A Level subjects, not just the English exams. Some students, however, are unsure how best to prepare for their exams, resulting in disappointment when they get lower-than-expected results. Even though they may speak it fluently, getting to grips with the advanced grammar and literature requirements for these exams can be frustrating for students.

The Tutor Surgery helps your child get through their English exams with confidence. Our specialist tutors are experts in preparing students for both the Language and Literature exams, so your child can have all their learning requirements handled by a single tutor.

Enlisting the Help of an English Tutor

The better your child’s communication skills, and the higher their GCSE and A-Level grades, the more chance your child will have of being successful in university applications and job interviews. Our English tutors assess your child’s skills to determine their strengths and weaknesses. We fine-tune what they are already good at, and work hard on building up their weaker areas. We are adept at teaching spelling, punctuation, grammar, essay writing and literature analysis, ensuring your child gains all the necessary skills for achieving the best possible grade in their English exams.

At The Tutor Surgery, we ask our most experienced tutors to hand-pick new tutors to join our team. Moreover, all our tutors are specialists in the subjects and age range they teach. This ensures your child receives the highest quality education.

Our English Tutoring Programme

Every step of the student journey is designed to achieve optimum learning. Before formal lessons, we introduce your child to the tutor with an introductory ‘Meet the Tutor’ session. This helps to build rapport and alleviate any concerns your child may have about tutoring, even before the lessons begin.

Our one-to-one lessons minimise distractions and let our tutors to give their undivided attention to their students. We also provide regular feedback to parents to ensure they are kept updated about their child’s progress.

Our tutors alleviate your child’s frustrations with their English studies, so that they can achieve the grade they deserve in their GCSE, A Level and End of Year exams. Book trial lessons today.

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