Professional GCSE English Tutoring

Professional GCSE English Tutoring

At The Tutor Surgery, we have a team of highly experienced tutors that help students aged 14 to 16 develop the skills necessary to confidently take their GCSE English. GCSE English covers a range of lessons that focus on the English language through writing, reading and speaking. Our tutors help students develop their writing skills, reading skills and the ability to come up with their own ideas.

Benefits of English GCSE Tutoring

When you take advantage of our English GCSE tutoring service, expect your child to improve their English skills significantly. Our tutors develop students’ critical thinking skills and confidence in both spoken and written English. Your child will have a broader vocabulary and improved writing skills after tutoring sessions. Not only will they have improved English skills, we will also make sure they are confident about their upcoming GCSE English exams.

How We Tutor Students

Our tutors focus on helping students understand spoken and written texts and develop their writing skills. They will teach students how to critique an extended text from a particular genre depending on their skill level. We use text from our collection of poems, short stories or non-fiction texts.

When it comes to improving their writing skills, we guide them in writing creative texts. We give students the freedom to select two topics from the lesson plan. Afterwards, we help them write under controlled conditions.

For the spoken English lesson, we introduce them to how the language has evolved in society. Afterwards, we discuss how the language affects culture, communication and identity.

Why Choose the Tutor Surgery?

Whenever we tutor students, we make sure it’s done in a learning environment. In one-to-one lessons, our tutors pay close attention to your child and monitor their progress. Taking advantage of our tutoring service helps your child become better prepared for their GCSE English exams.

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Areas Covered

The Tutor Surgery covers Orpington, Bromley and a number of surrounding areas including, Bexley, Chislehurst, Sidcup, New Eltham and more.

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