GCSE English Tutors in Chislehurst

The Tutor Surgery has qualified and experienced GCSE English tutors in Chislehurst to help your child achieve their full potential.

Achieve High Marks with an English Tutor in Chislehurst

Your child’s lower-than-expected English marks may be caused by a variety of issues. Your child may not be receiving adequate attention in class, causing them to fall behind. Likewise, they may not have been given a solid foundation of the basic skills in their previous school years, and so now they are finding it difficult to keep up with the rest of the class. Your child may even need help in developing effective time management skills.

The Tutor Surgery helps your child overcome these issues and face their GCSE English exams with confidence. Our English tutors in Chislehurst are seasoned professionals who help students overcome the issues that are causing lower-than-expected English marks

Investing in an English Tutor in Chislehurst

Our sessions start with an assessment of your child’s English skills. Often, we encounter students who aren’t confident with the basics. As a result, they find it difficult to progress with their studies as they are taught at a more advanced level in preparation for their GCSE exams.

Our tutors evaluate your child to find out what particular difficulties they are experiencing in English. With the appropriate pedagogical approaches, we help your child to understand and retain the relevant knowledge and techniques they require for achieving better results in their English exams.

On top of that, our tutors lead by example. They’re specially picked and assessed by the most experienced tutors on our team to ensure the highest quality education for your child. As achievers and seasoned mentors, they can be your child’s role model in learning the value of effective time management and a positive learning attitude.

A More Focused Education

The Tutor Surgery takes pride in fostering a conducive learning environment. Our one-to-one lessons allows the tutor to pay close attention to your child and monitor their progress. Your child will never have to share the attention of their tutor with others, which is a common problem with group teaching.

When you invest in your child’s skills early, they’ll be better prepared for their exams, and much more likely to achieve high marks. It’s important that your child feels confident and well prepared in the days leading up to an exam, but this is hard to achieve if tutoring and revision are left to the last minute. Book trial lessons today and provide your child with the most effective preparation for their upcoming English exams.

[Tom has] built up a strong and positive rapport with Debbie with science - so much so, he has asked for a couple of sessions over the summer to prepare for his A levels.

Alex Hamblyn

Alex Hamblyn
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