Primary School English In Foots Cray

The Tutor Surgery offers primary school English tutoring for students in Foots Cray.

Specialist Primary English Tuition in Footscray

Is it affector effect?

Equipment isor are?

Is it occurrence or occurrance?

From the varying rules of grammar to exposure to spelling errors on the internet, there are so many things that can confuse your child, and this can make learning academic English difficult.

This doesn’t have to be the case, though, when they’ve been taught the tips and tricks of mastering the language by our specialist English tutors in Footscray. Our one-to-one lessons will tackle all the fundamentals from spelling and punctuation to grammar and essay writing.

With The Tutor Surgery’s primary English tutors, you can help your child better understand the English language, enhance their marks and perform well in their Key Stage 1 and 2 exams.

Why the Need for English Tutoring?

It’s never too early to prepare for GCSEs and A-Levels. Ensuring a strong language and literature skill at the primary level equips a child for Key Stage 3 and improves their chances in university applications.

Our lessons go beyond language mastery. We sharpen students’ critical thinking skills, to help them understand what they are reading and approach inference questions with confidence.

How We Do It

We tailor our approach to our pupils. We first determine areas where they are strong and weak to determine what we have to fine-tune and what we need to build up.

Lessons involve spelling, vocabulary and grammar drills, reading age-appropriate literature and writing exercises. Feedback is crucial to our process. We commend our students’ good work and explain to them why something is incorrect and how they can improve.

We also involve you, the parent, in their progress. Part of our method is to ask parents to fetch their children from our tutors’ home so that they can discuss with you how your child is doing, along with certain areas they’ll need support in.

To help our pupils feel at ease with our tutor, we have trial lessons and ‘Meet the Tutor’ sessions so that they can first build rapport before lessons start.

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The Tutor Surgery is dedicated to helping Footscray’s primary school students optimise their learning in their foundation years. For specialist English tutors in Footscray, book a trial lesson today.

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Rob always greets me with a friendly smile. I find maths tricky but Rob is very calm and kind. Rob shows me different strategies and this helps my confidence.

Ben Bissett

Ben Bissett