English Tutors in Orpington

The Tutor Surgery provides experienced and fully qualified English tutors in Orpington.

English Tutors in Orpington

Looking for an English tutor for your child? The Tutor Surgery is the company for you. We have a team of highly experienced primary school English tutors in Orpington that help develop children’s writing, reading and speaking skills. We cater to 5 to 11-year-old students that need to improve their English proficiency before moving to Key Stage 3. With our English tutors, your child will improve their mastery of the language.

Why Hire an English Tutor?

When you hire an English tutor from The Tutor Surgery, your child receives one-on-one attention. This enables the tutor to provide immediate feedback. Our tutors encourage your child to ask questions throughout the session for them to fully understand the lesson.

During the sessions, our English tutors follow your child’s pace in learning as they know when to speed up or slow down. Whether it’s reading, writing or speaking lessons, our tutors make sure your child gains confidence and improves their skills after every session.

Our Tutoring Process

When dealing with written texts, we teach children how to properly critique a text from various genres such as short stories, poems, novels and more. As your child reads more pieces, they will develop a broader vocabulary. During our reading sessions, we define new words to them and help them with pronunciation as well.

For writing sessions, we facilitate creative writing exercises. Your child is given the option to choose two topics from the lesson plan and write about them. We guide your child as they construct paragraphs and provide constructive feedback after they finish.

With speech sessions, we discuss with your child the history and evolution of the English language. We also discuss how the language affects their identity, culture and the communication process.

Mastering English with The Tutor Surgery

Our team of English tutors understand that a good relationship between a student and a tutor is vital to the success of the lessons. Our ‘Meet The Tutor’ session ensures that a good relationship is established even before the lessons begin.

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Rob tutored Maths to both my son and daughter separately and gave them confidence they needed to get through their GCSEs. They both got a B result in the end which was fabulous. Highly recommend...

Hayley Emin

Hayley Emin