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The Tutor Surgery offers primary school English tutoring in for students in Longlands.

Dedicated Private English Tutoring in Longlands

How does one prepare for an English test?

Many pupils are unsure how best to prepare for their English exams, leaving them frustrated and disappointed when the results come out. Others are frustrated that they speak English fluently but struggle with spelling, advanced grammar or making cohesive essays.

We can help you address your child’s frustrations and improve their marks with our one-to-one primary English tuition. Our primary English tutors in Longlands can help your child improve their marks and perform well in their Key Stage 1 and 2 SATs. We employ a team of highly experienced tutors who specialise in teaching students from ages 5 to 11.

Why the Need for Private English Tuition?

From the many rules of grammar to exposure to informal English, there are many things that can confuse your child, affecting their progress in learning English.

Having a tutor can give them the support and attention they do not get in class. Our tutors, in particular, can give your child tips and tricks in learning the English language that aren’t taught at school. Designing sessions to address areas our pupils struggle with, our tutors ensure that your child will be proficient in primary English.

Our Approach to Teaching

Working with parents, understanding our students’ needs and providing them with an environment that’s conducive to learning, are key to our pupils’ success.

We ask parents to fetch their children after every class so that we can discuss with them their children’s progress as well as ways to further help their child improve.

Before we start any lesson, we assess our students’ strengths and weakness to determine the skills that can be honed and the ones that need to be built up.

We also have trial lessons and ‘Meet the Tutor’ sessions so that your child will be comfortable with our tutor when lessons start.

Equip Your Child for the Future

At The Tutor Surgery, every step of the student journey is designed to achieve optimum learning. Our primary English tutors in Longlands are handpicked for being the best in their area.

For queries on our services, get in touch with us on 442088592900.

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Rob always greets me with a friendly smile. I find maths tricky but Rob is very calm and kind. Rob shows me different strategies and this helps my confidence.

Ben Bissett

Ben Bissett