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Our KS3 Maths tutors in Crofton are hand-picked by our most experienced tutors to ensure the highest quality education for your child.

Many students struggle with maths, but it’s not merely because the subject can be inherently difficult. In some cases, students who are struggling don’t receive enough attention in a busy classroom. There are also times when students don’t apply themselves with homework tasks and revision, resulting in mediocre or low marks.

When students don’t have master of basic math skills, they will likely find it more difficult to keep up when they go to the next level where advanced topics are taught. If your child struggles with KS3 Maths, now’s the right time to hire a tutor in Crofton and help them boost their skills and marks.

A Different Approach to Learning Maths

Often, students prepare for maths exams by memorising equations. But learning maths isn’t only about rote memorisation; students need to understand the problems and apply correct mathematical solutions.

Here at The Tutor Surgery, we’ve come up with a different approach. Our tutors show students that there’s fun behind a chunk of numbers and formulae. We also go beyond rote memorisation. Our tutors focus on building students’ test-taking confidence through effective revision and exam techniques. This way, the students ace the exams and the lessons stick with them as they take on more advanced topics.

An Environment Conducive to Learning

With our one-on-one lessons, your child will never have to share the attention of the teacher with others. We suggest conducting the lessons in the tutor’s home, so your child can fully focus on lessons. Even if your place is fairly peaceful, it can be too cosy or it may be an environment where there are too many distractions for optimal learning.

We also recommend that you collect your child after every session. This way, you’ll get feedback on your child’s recent progress and next targets, as well as any issue identified during the lessons.

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With our progressive teaching approach, we will help your child catch up on KS3 Maths skills or transition from KS2 Maths to KS3 Maths as smoothly as possible. Our tutors will gauge your child’s aptitude, devise a lesson plan based on it and train your child to master formulae, theories and problem-solving skills.

Before the lessons begin, we’ll arrange a “Meet The Tutor,” an informal appointment where your child can get comfortable with the learning environment and start building rapport with the tutor. We believe that a harmonious relationship between the tutor and the student helps boost the success of tuition.

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