Tailored KS3 Maths Tutoring in Petts Wood

The Tutor Surgery provides qualified and experienced Maths tuition for KS3 students in Petts Wood.

A student's transition from primary to secondary school can be daunting, even for those with competent marks – but even more so for those with not-so-stellar reports in maths. Whether your child passed primary school maths with flying colours or had a difficult time coping, hiring a maths tutor in Petts Wood gives them an advantage in secondary school and the confidence to ace KS3 maths.

Give Your Child the Boost They Need

Our highly qualified KS3 maths tutors at The Tutor Surgery provide the one-on-one attention that your child needs so they can improve their maths skills and get through KS3 maths successfully. Our maths tutors identify a student's strengths and weaknesses and we tailor our tutoring approach to fit their capabilities. We do all these in an environment conducive to learning, one where there are little to no distractions and where your child can focus on his or her task.

The KS3 maths tutoring programme at The Tutor Surgery in Petts Wood strives to achieve the balance between aptitude and attitude. Apart from teaching them fundamental mathematics abilities, we also work with pupils to develop good learning attitude. We promote creative and critical thinking so your child will be equipped with the ability to understand new maths concepts easier and on their own. We instil patience and determination to help pupils overcome the hurdles preventing them from excelling in maths.

Tailored Tutoring for KS3 Maths

Our tutors have years of experience as KS3 maths educators, so we can give your child the tools they need to solve more and more complex mathematical problems. We ensure that they understand the fundamentals of each mathematical concept so they can apply them when solving real maths problems. This way, they become better prepared to tackle KS3 maths and build the skill set they need for their GCSE exams.

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