Personalised KS3 Maths Tuition in Southborough

The Tutor Surgery provides qualified and experienced Maths tuition for KS3 students in Southborough.

In a 2014 report by Her Majesty's Chief Inspector, it was found that schools often poorly handle students' transition from primary to secondary school. This is why KS3 is a highly regarded training course that provides pupils with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills to help them advance to higher education.

If you're worried that your child may not be performing at a level that they should be at, especially in a subject as notoriously challenging as maths, or you simply want to provide them with an additional level of support, the KS3 maths tutors from The Tutor Surgery in Southborough can help.

The Benefits of a KS3 Maths Tutor

An article that appeared in The Telegraph in 2017 states that more and more parents are enrolling their children in private tutoring programmes. This is because even in small classes at school, teachers cannot always give each of their pupils the attention that they need. This is troubling, especially if your child wants to improve their proficiency in vital KS3 subjects like maths.

With KS3 maths tuition from The Tutor Surgery, adequate attention to your child's learning isn't a problem. Apart from that, these are the other benefits your child can enjoy under the tutelage of a tutor:

They Will Become More Confident

There's lots of pressure, especially in secondary school, to ace KS3 exams. This stems from wanting to have the right qualifications to get into the best universities. If a student knows they're not well-versed in maths, they might get intimidated to ask questions in a typical classroom setting. The one-on-one setting may be more effective in making them ask questions, resulting in a better understanding of the subject matter.

They'll Have a Personalised Education

Lack of motivation or a shaky understanding of the subject usually results in low test scores. Educators from The Tutor Surgery can help with both of these issues. We tailor our tutoring approach to each student's learning style so they can understand the material better.

Let the Tutor Surgery Help

The qualified tutors at The Tutor Surgery are experts in KS3 maths education and have helped countless students develop their own maths skills. Let your child be the next to benefit from our tuition. Book your trial lessons today.

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