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Prepare Your Child for the GCSE, A Level and Key Stage 3 Maths Exams

Maths is one of the most notoriously difficult subjects to excel in at school. But students don’t fail critical exams at Primary School, KS3, GCSEs, and A Levels because the subject is inherently hard. In fact, several reasons could be behind their lacklustre marks. They might not be receiving enough attention in the classroom, or they might be too shy to ask for help in understanding the lesson.

Moreover, students may not have a comprehensive understanding of the basic Maths skills, so they find it hard to keep up when being taught more advanced skills and topics. In some cases, students procrastinate by neglecting important homework tasks and leaving revision until the last minute.

The Tutor Surgery helps students overcome these hurdles, so they can achieve the grades they deserve in their important exams. Through appropriate pedagogical methods, our seasoned tutors supplement your child’s education and boost their marks.

Our Maths Tutors

Our experienced and qualified tutors understand the crucial importance of a solid foundation in Maths. From experience, we know that many students have a hard time in their Maths classes at school because they haven’t mastered the basics.

We overcome this issue by assessing each student to determine the weak areas in their foundational skills. Then we start with these fundamentals so that they are better placed to understand the new topics they’ll be taught at school. Additionally, our tutors review other strengths and weaknesses, such as exam technique and revision technique, so that a personalised strategy can be implemented for your child.

Our Learning Environment

At The Tutor Surgery, our first core value is that your child comes first. We implement this value even before lessons begin, with our ‘Meet The Tutor’ session. This helps build rapport between tutor and student, and eases your child into the lessons.

The learning environment should have as few distractions as possible, so we avoid group teaching and conduct only one-to-one lessons. This allows the tutor to focus solely on your child and monitor their progress closely. Our focus on parental involvement throughout all stages of the tutoring also sets us apart from other tutoring services, and ensures we all work together as a team to help our students achieve the grades they deserve.

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