GCSE Maths Tutoring by The Tutor Surgery

GCSE Maths Tutoring by The Tutor Surgery

We understand the difficulties that students aged 14 to 16 experience when studying maths. At The Tutor Surgery, we show students how simple maths can be with proper guidance and support. We provide our students with an easy-to-follow approach for solving equations and understanding their significance. Whatever maths skill your child needs, we develop the understanding and discipline that will allow them to tackle the most challenging assignment or exam.

Benefits of GCSE Maths Tutoring

Our professional maths tutors believe that the most important factors in developing maths skills are positivity and practice. In each tutoring session, we make sure your child gains confidence in their abilities. We eliminate their fear of tackling equations by showing them the easiest way to come up with the correct solution set.

How We Tutor Students

We address our students’ needs by developing tailored programmes that aim to improve their weaknesses. As specialist maths tutors, we identify the topic that your child is having difficulty in and use our assessment experience to find the cause of the issue. After determining what maths skill your child needs to improve, we focus on developing that skill by providing your child with practice equations. We guide your child each step of the way to the right solution.

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Our qualified maths tutors are experts in helping your child focus on developing their maths skills to achieve excellent exam results. We provide optimum preparation for exams through engaging one-to-one sessions, each with careful monitoring of our students’ progress. The earlier your child starts our GCSE maths tutoring service, the more prepared they will be for their GCSE maths exam.

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Areas Covered

The Tutor Surgery covered much of Orpington and Bromley, including Chislehurst, Bickley Sidcup, St Mary Cray and Bexley.

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