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The Tutor Surgery has qualified and experienced GCSE Maths Tutors in Bickley to help your child achieve their full potential.

The Tutor Surgery strikes a balance between practice and positivity — two crucial aspects to acing the GCSE Maths. Through intensive instruction, we hone your child’s mathematical abilities, so he or she can tackle difficult equations with ease. Our specialist tutors instil patience and determination in their tutees, as well as eliminate the student’s fear of facing numerical problems. Our exercises build your child’s confidence in his or her abilities, so he or she can power through the exam and achieve stellar results.

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Our Formula for Excellent GCSE Grades

The GCSE Maths makes students feel pressured, and this may hinder their ability to give their studies their all. In response, our seasoned, hand-picked tutors train your child rigorously through tailored sessions and, at the same time, build his or her self-assurance in deriving the correct answers for each problem.

Our programme focuses on, but is not limited to:

  • Problem Solving – Your child will see how simple maths can be if they know which formula to use. Apart from helping him or her memorise formulas, our practice equations encourage critical thinking and compel the student to find the most effective way to solve a problem.
  • Confidence – Our tutors employ an easy-to-follow approach in solving equations, so the student can tackle maths problems with confidence. We also provide practical tips he or she can use to arrive at the correct solution set.
  • Practice – We reinforce your child’s grasp of mathematical concepts through continuous practice. Your child’s progress will be monitored closely by his or her tutor.
  • Areas for Improvement – Our maths tutors identify the topics that your child struggles with and focus on those concepts through practice equations. Our exercises aim to help him or her overcome weaknesses.

On top of that, our tutors conduct the lessons in an environment that’s free from distractions and conducive to learning. The programme employs a one-to-one set-up; no group teaching sessions. We also hold a “Meet the Tutor” session before the formal lessons to build rapport between your child and the tutor.

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