Bringing Excellent KS3 Maths Tuition to Bickley

The Tutor Surgery has qualified and experienced KS3 Maths Tutors in Bickley to help your child achieve their full potential.

The transition from primary school maths to KS3 maths can be daunting for many students, even those with competent report cards from KS2. Even if your child had satisfactorily passed primary school, hiring a maths tutor in Bickley gives him or her a strong advantage in secondary school, as well as the confidence that he or she would pass KS3 with flying colours.

Rigorous maths tuition also boosts the self-esteem of children with report cards bearing grades lower than Cs (or 5, in the new scoring system). In our experience, low self-esteem hampers one’s academic performance and does little to help a child excel.

Our KS3 Maths tuition programme, therefore, goes beyond honing academic skills and acquiring stellar grades. We also foster a winning attitude towards mathematics and build a child’s self-assurance.

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Our Brand of Bickley Maths Tuition

Our programme strikes a balance between aptitude and attitude, with lessons geared towards a holistic development of your child’s mathematical skills.

The Tutor Surgery Maths tuition:

  • Encourages Critical Thinking – Your child will work on challenging exercises that compel them to think outside of the box to solve mathematical problems. This promotes their learning progress.
  • Provides Practical Tips – Your child will learn practical problem-solving techniques for both formulaic and non-formulaic equations. We also design activities to help students memorise formulas.
  • Adapts to Your Child’s Learning Pace ­­– Our tutors adjust their instruction style and teaching pace according to your child’s learning capabilities.
  • Builds Confidence – We help your child handle the pressures of the shift to KS3 maths and boost their confidence in facing difficult problems.
  • Prioritises Comfort – Before the programme starts, your child will have a “Meet the Tutor” session to build rapport between him or her and the tutor. We only conduct one-on-one sessions (no group teaching), ensuring that your child has the tutor’s full attention.

Moreover, our programme is facilitated by qualified, hand-picked tutors, who determine your child’s strengths and help them use it to their advantage. We also create an optimal learning environment, which is free from distractions.

The Tutor Surgery also recognises the vital role that parents play in their children’s progress, which is why we invite you to be involved in our activities.

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The Tutor Surgery will provide the support your child needs to handle the shift to KS3, see them through the KS3 maths and pass the Key Stage with a stellar record.

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