Key Stage 3 (KS3) Maths Tutors in Orpington

The Tutor Surgery has qualified and experienced KS3 Maths tutors in Orpington to help your child achieve their full potential.

Moving up to a higher grade is both an accomplishment and a challenge. For students about to enter KS3, the jump from primary to secondary school can be troubling. The lessons are more extensive and complicated. The academic demands are higher, too.

Key stage 3 students are expected to spend the next three years (Year 7 to 9) studying at least 15 subjects, particularly the core three: English, science and maths. None of these is particularly easy, but if we’re creating a ranking based on difficulty level, maths would likely be on top.

Teaching Maths the Fun Way

Many students have trouble understanding word problems and applying correct mathematical equations. Those who get passing grades manage by memorising equations. Our tutors, however, teach students to approach maths problems differently.

We show them that studying maths can be fun. Our years of tutoring in Orpington made us realise that building up a student’s confidence, along with teaching practical skills, helps them perform better in this subject.

Whether your child is doing well on his or her own or struggling with maths, The Tutor Surgery can help.

  • Affordable tutoring services - Book four classes for the price of three.
  • One-on-one sessions - We give your child our undivided attention.
  • Flexible lessons and pace - Classes customised according to your child’s needs.
  • Progressive teaching - Help your child improve his or her maths competency.
  • Exercises and mock exams - Help your child prepare for major exams, especially the GSCEs.

The pressure to do well in school increases as students enter Key Stage 3. By hiring our KS3 Maths tutors in Orpington, you’re giving your child the tools to do better at the subject that challenges them the most.

Helping KS3 Students Realise Their Potential

The Tutor Surgery helps your child transition from the KS2 Maths curriculum to KS3 as smoothly as possible. Through level-appropriate exercises, lessons and mock tests, we measure aptitude, teach mathematical theories, help master formulas and improve critical thinking.

One hour a day for a specific number of sessions — our services can help your children realise their potential.

Help your child do well in KS3 Maths. Email us today.

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