Primary School Maths Tutoring in Bexley

Professional and fully qualified maths tutoring for primary school students in Bexley.

Confidence and interest play a role in children’s learning of primary school Maths. That’s why at The Tutor Surgery, we offer primary school Maths tutoring in Bexley with a focus on building students’ confidence and interest in the subject. We provide a tailored approach to target the areas that our pupils find most challenging. With tutors handpicked for their expertise in teaching Maths to young children, we can provide your children with effective and encouraging Maths tuition.

Our Formula for Your Child’s Success

Our approach to tutoring Maths combines providing a comfortable environment for students, building our pupils’ confidence and involving their parents in the progress.

We offer trial lessons and a Meet the Tutor scheme to help students become comfortable with their tutor and get accustomed to the tutoring arrangement. To hone students’ Maths skills, we provide them with exercises and drills that will help them practice tips and tricks in solving mathematical problems. Should pupils need help with school assignments, our tutors will gladly help.

We also work with students with an aim to develop skills and a good attitude for lifelong achievement. We promote creative and critical thinking as well as encourage the practice of patience and perseverance.

To include parents in their children’s progress, we ask that they collect their children after each lesson so that the tutor can provide feedback. It is important that parents understand how their children are doing so that they can better encourage and support them. Periodically, we invite parents for a 10-20 minute chat to give a more detailed review and progress report.

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The Tutor Surgery has helped numerous students gain better results and prepare for their Key Stage 1 and 2 SATs. We show students that with constant practice, success and enjoyment in Maths are feasible.

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Rob tutored Maths to both my son and daughter separately and gave them confidence they needed to get through their GCSEs. They both got a B result in the end which was fabulous. Highly recommend...

Hayley Emin

Hayley Emin