Primary School Maths Tutors in Bromley

The Tutor Surgery provides qualified and experienced Maths tuition for primary students in Bromley.

Maths is a GSCE required subject with which many students have a hard time. Just because it's not the easiest subject to master, however, doesn't mean that students who find it difficult should struggle for the entirety of his or her primary education.

What — or rather, who — your child needs is a smart, approachable and patient maths tutor to show him or her how simple solving maths problems can be.

Our handpicked tutors at The Tutor Surgery can be that person for your child.

We Foster a Positive Attitude in Students

Help your child overcome his or her difficulties with Mathematics by hiring our experienced tutors in Bromley. We are based locally, and we each have years of experience at one-on-one tutoring. You can be certain that your child is in the hands of a competent tutor.

We help students achieve their academic goals not only by instructing them in their lessons but also reinforcing other factors that contribute to their performance:

  • Confidence – Our approachable tutors make learning Mathematics fun. Our goal is to remove our students' anxiety so they can think clearly when solving problems. We've learned through the years that confidence improves their ability to remember equations and arrive at correct answers.
  • Comprehension – A critical component of problem-solving, comprehension is a skill we help your child develop. We use exercises to flex their mental muscles, so they don't depend on memorisation. Understanding Math problems is the key to finding the right answers; and later, passing the GSCEs, KS3s and A-Levels.
  • Continuous Learning – Students deserve to enjoy their school holidays, but they can still be productive during their break. Spending at least one hour a day on maths exercises can help boost their problem-solving and analytical skills. Once school opens, they'll be ready for more advanced lessons.

Our Services, Your Child's Academic Advantage

Trust our experienced primary school maths tutors to guide your child and teach him or her to enjoy the subject. From attitude development to practical problem-solving techniques, the lessons we teach will be helpful throughout your child's years in primary school.

Discuss your son or daughter's needs and goals with our tutors.

Help your child today.

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