Primary Maths Tuition In Chislehurst

We provide qualified and experienced Maths tuition for primary school students in Chislehurst.

Providing Dedicated Primary Maths Tuition in Chislehurst

A child’s attitude towards maths can greatly affect how they learn the subject. Often, anxiety over the subject or a lack of interest leads to a child being distracted during class hours or actively avoiding school work.

That’s why our approach at The Tutor Surgery is to build a child’s confidence and interest in the subject. At the same time, we instil excellent numerical skills in our pupils, equipping them to learn more advanced mathematical skills and concepts.

With our specialist primary maths tutors in Chislehurst, you have a partner in helping your child hone their maths skills and prepare for Key Stage 1 and 2 SATs.

Our Formula for Your Child’s Success

Our formula for your child’s success involves strengthening their foundational skills in maths and providing them with an environment conducive to learning.

In our experience, many of our pupils have not mastered fundamental mathematical skills, hindering them from learning new ideas and negatively affecting their confidence or interest in the subject. As such, our tutors take time to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the underlying reasons for the challenges they face. They then tailor their lessons to help your child overcome the hurdles they face and equip them to understand new lessons.

We make sure that we have lessons in a place free from distractions and that our pupils are comfortable with their tutor. We have free trial lessons and ‘Meet the Tutor’ sessions so that our tutor and your child can build a rapport first.

Let The Tutor Surgery Help

Our primary maths tutors in Chislehurst are dedicated to helping students embrace learning. All of our tutors are hand-picked for their credentials, good character and ability to elicit pupils’ strengths.

Let us help your child get better marks at school and prepare for their SATs. Book trial lessons today to secure your place.

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Alex gave my daughter extra Maths GCSE lessons. She worked very hard and got an A*. I am sure that Alex's help made a big impact. I would recommend Alex. In fact, he is teaching my boys piano now....

Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips