Primary Maths Tutoring In Foots Cray

The Tutor Surgery provides qualified and experienced Maths tutors for primary education in Foots Cray

Delivering Engaging Primary Maths Tuition to Footscray

Equipping a child with sound fundamental maths skills plays a role in how they cope with learning new skills and concepts. That’s why our approach at The Tutor Surgery is to instil in our pupils strong numerical skills, as well as patience and determination. Our specialist maths tutors help students develop the discipline, attitude and skills to tackle maths challenges.

With regular classes with our primary maths tutors in Footscray, we can help your child perform better at school and prepare for Key Stage 1 and 2 SATs.

Teaching Maths with a Winning Formula

Our primary maths tutors are experienced and qualified in teaching maths to children of different ages. Our tutors are adept at determining a child’s strength and weaknesses as well as tailoring lessons that will help them build a solid foundation in maths.

Additionally, we look into your child’s exam and revision technique to help them have a stronger and more strategic approach to answering exams and handling the pressure that comes with them. In time, they will be better placed to understand new concepts and tackle more testing mathematical challenges.

Part of our success in helping students improve is how we create an environment that’s conducive to learning. We provide our pupils with a comfortable, no-distractions learning place where our tutors can give them the attention that they need. We also offer trial lessons and ‘Meet The Tutor’ sessions so that your child can be more comfortable with our tutors.

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Our primary maths tutors in Footscray are hand-picked for their ability to help pupils achieve great exam results in their SATs as well as improve their marks.

Our tutors work hand-in-hand with parents to ensure that our pupils have the support they need to progress to Key Stage 3 and have a strong core needed for GCSE.

Let The Tutor Surgery help your child. Contact us on +442088592900 for enquiries.

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[Alex helped] me achieve an A in my maths GCSE when my teachers predicted a B such a great guy to work with!!

Harrison Webb

Harrison Webb