Maths Primary School Tutoring in Orpington

The Tutor Surgery provides professional and experienced Maths tutoring for primary school students in Orpington.

Learning How to Appreciate Maths

For plenty of students, maths is a difficult subject. However, we at The Tutor Surgery understand that the reason behind this is because they often lack appreciation for the subject. To solve this problem, our tutors employ a teaching approach that works to improve your children’s skills so that they may gain confidence in the subject which then leads to a greater appreciation of maths.   

The Benefits of a Maths Tutor

The main advantage of hiring a tutor is the one-on-one attention your child receives. All tutors from The Tutor Surgery are trained to help children minimise their fears of maths equations by teaching them how to solve problems in a step-by-step approach that is easy to learn.

The Tutor Surgery Process

We at The Tutor Surgery make sure that every child is prepared for their exams by gradually improving their maths skills. We tailor our tutoring programmes to suit the needs of every child. Our professional tutors focus on areas that need the most help and work with the child on how to best solve their problem. The Tutor Surgery creates activities and holds mock exams in order to hone children’s maths skills in a steady but comfortable pace.

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We at The Tutor Surgery believe that students learn best in an environment that has little to no distractions. This is why we only offer one-on-one tutoring programmes that allow the tutor to focus solely on their student. In doing so, they are able to better monitor your child’s progress and they can address issues before they evolve into bigger problems.

Our process helps children learn at a pace they are comfortable with so that they can absorb all of the lessons instead of just memorising them. We strive to teach students how to appreciate the subject so that they may feel more inclined to study.

Help your child become strong at maths or prepare for their GCSE, A Level, or end of year exams with The Tutor Surgery. Book trial lessons today, call us on +442088592900.

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Rob always greets me with a friendly smile. I find maths tricky but Rob is very calm and kind. Rob shows me different strategies and this helps my confidence.

Ben Bissett

Ben Bissett