Primary School Maths Tutor in Petts Wood

The Tutor Surgery provides qualified and experienced Maths tuition for primary students in Petts Wood.

Many primary school students in Petts Wood find maths either boring or intimidating. Their attitude towards it can affect how they absorb the concepts of the subject. Often, their fear or lack of interest in the subject prevents them from focusing on and learning the fundamental maths skills they need, which can affect their marks.

That is why at The Tutor Surgery, we offer maths tutoring for primary school pupils in Petts Wood. Our skilled tutors provide students with the maths support they need, building an interest and confidence in the subject.

Maths Made Easy

Just because mathematics isn't the easiest subject to master doesn't mean your child has to struggle with it. At The Tutor Surgery, we make it easier for your child to learn the fundamentals of maths through our special formula.

First, we offer trial lessons and a Meet the Tutor appointment. This way, your child can become comfortable with their tutor and get accustomed to the tutoring arrangement. Next, we provide them with one on one tutoring in a learning-conducive environment. Here, we help them hone their maths skills and equip them with problem-solving tips and tricks. Through maths exercises and drills, we will be able to gauge your child's learning progress.

Finally, a vital part of our tutoring formula is involving you in the process. We ask parents like you to collect your child after every tutoring session so we can personally converse with you and update you on their progress. With this knowledge, you will have a better understanding of your child and can devise a plan on how to encourage and support them more effectively.

The Tutor Surgery Can Help Your Child

The Tutor Surgery has helped numerous students ace their maths in primary and secondary schools and has prepared them for their maths exams in GCSEs and A-Levels. We handpick experienced and qualified maths tutors so your child can have the best one-on-one lesson and monitoring they need to succeed in the subject.

If you're interested in enrolling your child for primary school maths tutoring in Petts Wood, contact us today.

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