Primary Maths Tuition Longlands

The Tutor Surgery provides qualified and experienced Maths tutors for primary level children in Longlands.

Bringing Dedicated Primary Maths Tuition to Longlands

Many pupils struggle with maths because they have not mastered the fundamental skills needed to learn new concepts and more advanced skills. As teachers handle many students, your child may not be receiving the support and attention they need in the classroom. Many students are also too shy to ask for help, affecting their marks and consequently their confidence in maths.

The Tutor Surgery helps pupils overcome these hurdles so that they can regain confidence and see improvement in their marks. Our primary maths tutors in Longlands instil strong numerical skills in our pupils, as well as the discipline and patience needed for them to face new mathematical challenges with confidence, focus and determination.

Together, we can help your child get better marks and prepare for Key Stage 1 and 2 SATs.

Your Child Comes First

We give your child the support and attention they need to help them excel in maths. We provide a tailored approach by first assessing your child’s strengths and weaknesses both in the curriculum and in the discipline, in general. From here, our tutors design lessons that can help them keep up or advance in class as well as address any underlying difficulties they are facing.

Providing your child with an environment conducive to learning is key to our success. This includes helping them be comfortable with their tutor and getting used to their tutor’s place. That’s why we offer a ‘Meet the Tutor’ session as well as trial lessons so that your child can feel more relaxed in time for our first lesson.

Entrust Your Child to Us

At The Tutor Surgery, we only select the best local tutors to join our team. Our rigorous selection process ensures that our primary maths tutors in Longlands are qualified and equipped to help your child progress at school and achieve great exam results. All our tutors are Enhanced DBS-certified and are handpicked for their specialisation with children.

For enquiries, contact us on 442088592900 today.

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Rob always greets me with a friendly smile. I find maths tricky but Rob is very calm and kind. Rob shows me different strategies and this helps my confidence.

Ben Bissett

Ben Bissett