Primary School Maths Tutoring Sidcup

The Tutor Surgery provides qualified and experienced Maths tuition for primary students in Sidcup.

Teaching your children how to love numbers

For some young children, math can be a difficult subject to study. At the Tutor Surgery, we offer guidance and support for students aged 5 to 11 who want to improve their skills in maths. Our professional tutors take a straightforward approach to solving simple and complex equations, making sure your children are prepared for their exams. We also instil discipline and hone excellent numerical reasoning, allowing students to answer even the most challenging mathematical problems.

The Advantages of Maths Tutoring

The Tutor Surgery believes that constant practice and confidence are keys to developing advanced maths skills. In each session, we give your child the knowledge and tools to hone their problem-solving abilities. We also minimise their fear of answering difficult maths equations by introducing them to a comprehensive step-by-step approach that’s easy to learn.

How We Tutor Your Children

We tailor our tutoring programmes according to the areas where the students need the most help. We identify the topic your child is having difficulty in with our initial assessment exam. After determining the areas of improvement, we create activities, exercises and mock exams that address your child’s needs. The Tutor Surgery guides our students through every phase of learning until your children develop the skill and discipline to tackle maths challenges.

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Our maths tutors have great communication skills and mastery of the subject, making sure your children learn and absorb the lessons at a steady pace. Through one-on-one sessions and regular progress assessments, we teach students how to solve all kinds of maths problems. We tutor our students in a warm, conducive learning environment, keeping them happy and comfortable at all times. We pay close attention to your child’s learning and monitor their progress. Taking advantage of our tutoring service helps your child become better prepared for the next stage of schooling, Key Stage 3.

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Alex gave my daughter extra Maths GCSE lessons. She worked very hard and got an A*. I am sure that Alex's help made a big impact. I would recommend Alex. In fact, he is teaching my boys piano now....

Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips