GCSE Science Tutor in Crofton

Our GCSE Science tutors in Crofton are hand-picked by our most experienced tutors to ensure the highest quality education for your child.

With a lot of experiments and engaging activities, science lessons are usually fun. But many students would argue that the opposite happens during exams. Even if they enjoy the lessons and study the concepts, many students fail to get high marks for lack of the techniques needed to ace science exams.

If your child struggles with science exams, our GCSE Science tutors in Crofton are here to help. Our tutors will improve on what your child has learned in school by targeting any area or subject where you child may need more support.

Qualified, Hand-picked Tutors

We know that finding the right tutor for your child is difficult. Let us do the hard work; we’ve hand-picked the best local tutors who are specialists in their subjects. We’ll suggest the most suitable tutor based on your child’s age, their current and target marks, the subject and your location.

Our tutors devise tailored, one-on-one lessons for each student. But no matter the lesson plan, count on our science tutors to focus on three areas: topic knowledge, revision techniques and exam strategies.

We will assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses and determine the parts of science they find the hardest. The lessons and mock exams will cover these topics to help your child catch up. Our tutors will help your child develop effective revision techniques, so they can prepare better for every exam in the future.

Your child will also learn many exam strategies. Science exams often consist of problems, calculations and application-based questions. Our tutors will train your child to zero in on the topic presented in the problem, analyse it and organise the right answer effectively.

By focusing on these areas, the tuition will help your child feel more confident taking science exams. This confidence means they won’t get easily confused over a question or struggle in structuring their answer.

Easy, Convenient Tuition Process

After picking a tutor from our team, we’ll arrange the best schedule for your child and the tutor. We’ll also organise a “Meet The Tutor.” The tutor will invite you and your child to their home for a 10 to 15-minute meeting. This is an opportunity for your child to build rapport with the tutor and get comfortable with the environment. We suggest lessons to be held at the tutor’s home, so students are far from familiar distractions.

The “Meet The Tutor” is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the assessment, lesson plans and anything you want to know about the tuition. We want parents to be as involved as possible. Apart from the “Meet The Tutor,” parents will have regular meetings with the tutor to discuss the child’s recent progress and next targets, as well as recent issues identified.

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