GCSE Science Tutor in Mottingham

Our Science tutors in Mottingham are hand-picked by our most experienced tutors to ensure the highest quality education for your child.

Science is one of the core subjects at any level, but unfortunately, many students find it challenging. Some have trouble learning at a pace set by the class syllabus. Others fail to get high marks even if they have a good understanding of a topic due to the lack of exam techniques needed to answer science tests.

In Mottingham, we have a team of tutors who specialise in GCSE Sciences. Our tutors go beyond rote memorisation; they improve your child’s learning and prepare students with science exam techniques.

We Boost Your Child’s Test-Taking Confidence

Our tutors focus on topic knowledge, revision techniques and exam techniques. We improve on what your child has learned in the classroom by boosting their knowledge on certain topics, be it chemistry, physics or biology. We help them master revision techniques that best work for them. We don’t want them to simply memorise terms and formulae but understand various concepts and their applications. Our tutors will also train your child to zero in on a problem presented in a question and structure their answers effectively.

Through tailored lessons and mock exams, we help build your child’s test-taking confidence. This helps them reach their target marks and achieve other academic goals.

We Create a Conducive Environment for Learning

Lessons are conducted in one of our tutors’ homes in Mottingham. We suggest this arrangement to foster an environment conducive for learning. Your house may be peaceful, but it may have stimuli that can often distract the students. However, if bringing your child to a tutor’s home isn’t feasible, our team will help arrange a fitting solution.

We want parents to be as involved as possible in the process. Expect our tutors to sit down with you after a session to discuss your child’s recent progress and targets moving forward.

Your Child Always Comes First

Your child’s needs are our highest priority — even before lessons begin. At The Tutor Surgery, we provide “Meet the Tutor,” an informal appointment that comes at zero cost. Your tutor will invite you and your child to visit their home for a 10 to 15-minute meeting, usually a few days before the first lesson. This meeting provides the perfect opportunity for your child to start building rapport with their tutor. We believe that a good relationship between a student and their tutor is important to the success of lessons.

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