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Research suggests that 75% of students consider themselves to be procrastinators, and 50% procrastinate often enough and long enough for it to cause real issues. One such issue is leaving preparation to the last minute for important exams and mock tests, resulting in poor grades and disappointment.

Our solution is simple...

    • [Tom has] built up a strong and positive rapport with Debbie with science - so much so, he has asked for a couple of sessions over the summer to prepare for his A levels.

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      Alex Hamblyn
  • What makes us different?
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      Your child comes first

      Your child’s needs are our highest priority at all times, even before lessons actually begin. We understand that a good relationship between a pupil and their tutor is vitally important to the success of the lessons. Our tried and tested combination of “Meet The Tutor” and “Trial Lessons” ensures that a good relationship is established as quickly as possible.

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      Specialist tutors, hand-picked by us

      Finding the right tutor for your child can be time-consuming. We do all the hard work for you by only selecting the very best local tutors to be part of our team. We are not a tutor directory – all our tutors are hand-picked by us. And you won’t find a long list of subjects or ages for each tutor – they are all specialists in their subjects and the ages of pupil they teach.

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      No group teaching, no distractions

      Your child will never have to share the attention of their tutor with others, as we only tutor on a one-to-one basis. This means your child will have greater engagement with their tutor, and will therefore experience better quality lessons.

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      Flexible teamwork, fewer missed lessons

      We understand that family life can be complicated. In line with our core value of putting your child first, our tutors keep their timetables as flexible as possible. If you need to reschedule a particular lesson, we will always do our best to accommodate your needs. And your child will rarely need to miss a lesson due to one of us not being available – we are a team of tutors who can share each other’s workload.

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      More parental involvement, better pupil progress

      We ask all parents to collect their child at the end of each lesson in order for the tutor to provide feedback, such as what’s going well and what issues have been identified. This is important so that parents fully understand how they can encourage and support their child throughout their tutoring, especially with the tasks that have been set between the lessons. In addition, we periodically invite parents to come along 10-20 minutes earlier than usual in order to provide a more detailed review and progress report.

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      More affordable tutoring

      The majority of our new pupils come through word-of-mouth recommendation, and we like to say thank you to parents who recommend us through our unique referral scheme. Every time you recommend us to someone who then starts trial lessons with any of our tutors, you will get a free lesson. There’s no limit to the number of free lessons you can receive, so you could get all your child’s lessons for free if you recommend us on a regular basis!

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