What is "Meet The Tutor"?

Meet The Tutor is an informal appointment that we provide free of charge as part of the trial period. Once payment has been received for the trial lessons, your tutor will invite you and your child to visit their home for a 10-15 minute appointment, usually a few days before the first lesson. Rapport is a key ingredient in effective tutoring, so Meet The Tutor provides the perfect opportunity for your child to start building rapport with their tutor. You and your child can also ask any questions you may have about the lessons. We know from experience that your child will feel much more relaxed at their first lesson if they have already met their tutor, and have started to become familiar with their learning environment.

Do you teach during the school holidays?

Yes, most of our tutors will be able to offer both trial lessons and regular weekly lessons during the school holidays. Additional lessons are also available for pupils who would like an extra boost before going back to school. Tutor availability varies from one holiday to the next, so we’ll email you before each holiday to confirm your tutor’s availability and how many lessons your child would like.

Although term-time lessons are compulsory, lessons during the school holidays are optional. For pupils with an upcoming exam, we always recommend that they continue lessons in order to keep the momentum going.

After the trial lessons are complete, how do regular lessons work?

Regular weekly lessons are payable in advance, one month at a time. They are normally one hour long, once a week. However, if there is a substantial gap between your child’s current grade and target grade, or limited time before the exams, your tutor may suggest longer or more frequent lessons.

Do you teach other subjects and ages?

Yes! Our wider team of 8 tutors teach all ages from Reception to A Level. Our most popular subjects are Maths, English, Science, 11+ preparation and Piano. Piano lessons are also available for adults, and one of our Maths specialists also teaches degree level Maths. We’ll be expanding our website to give more details about these other subjects and ages in due course.

What is a confirmed booking?

A booking is confirmed when we have received payment in full (if the first lesson is less than four weeks away), or a 50% deposit (if the first lesson is more than four weeks away).

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by PayPal, credit card, debit card or bank transfer. Full payment instructions are provided on our invoices, which are sent by email.

How does the special offer work?

Simply make a confirmed booking of at least three 1-hour trial lessons before 12 midday on 31st August 2020 to receive up to 30% off the total cost of the lessons. The trial lessons can take place anytime in July, August and September 2020, subject to the availability of our tutors. Where travel charges apply, they will be charged at the quoted rate without any discounts. The option for booking two subjects cannot be used to book six lessons for one subject. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

Can a tutor travel to our home?

Some of our tutors are able to travel to your home, and usually there is a charge for travel costs. In our experience, however, tuition is more effective when conducted in the tutor’s home. It’s good for your child to be tutored in a dedicated learning environment that is free from the distractions of life at home. Even if the home environment is quiet, there will often be visual stimuli or thoughts related to home life that can negatively affect levels of concentration. By travelling to the tutor’s home, all these distractions can be left behind, resulting in enhanced concentration and more efficient learning.

If bringing your child to a tutor’s home simply isn’t an option, we’ll always do our best to accommodate your needs. Please get in touch to discuss travelling and charges in more detail.

Where do the lessons take place?

We ask our pupils to travel to the tutor’s home. Our GCSE tutors are based in New Eltham, Sidcup, Bromley and Orpington.

Do you provide online tutoring?

Yes we do! We have developed our own bespoke system for delivering highly effective one-to-one tutoring without anyone needing to leave their home. We optimise our system every day to ensure our students are getting the very best online tutoring.

How does your online tutoring work?

Our online tutoring works by allowing our tutors and students to see and hear everything they normally would during a face-to-face lesson. We have developed our own specialised system of software and hardware that replicates face-to-face tutoring as closely as possible. Our system connects to the internet using either a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data, which allows for reliable transmission of all the audio and video signals.

We also have a highly skilled technical team who provide training to our tutors and students. They also have a highly effective onboarding process to make the transition to online lessons as seamless as possible. This allows our tutors to concentrate on what they do best – teach!

What do I need to have before I can start online tutoring?

The list of requirements for online tutoring isn’t as long or as complicated as you might think. Let’s have a look at the essential requirements, and then the additional items that are nice to have…


  • an internet connection (either Wi-Fi or mobile data)
  • a device with a large screen, such as a computer, laptop or tablet


  • a second device with a built-in camera, such as a mobile phone (if your large screen device doesn’t already a camera)

That’s it!

If you’re not sure whether the devices you have are suitable, or whether your internet connection is fast enough, we’re happy to schedule a free online tutoring demo with you. We’ll carry out some checks, and if necessary, recommend some purchases or upgrades you can make to meet all the requirements for seamless online tutoring.

What happens during the trial lessons?

We provide three trial lessons, usually one per week for three consecutive weeks. It’s very important that your child gets on well with their tutor, and trial lessons are the best way of testing this.

The lessons will contain a mixture of assessment and teaching. It’s important to have three lessons so that your tutor can assess how well your child retains information between the lessons, and also how they get on with their homework tasks, where applicable. Your tutor will provide feedback from the assessment when the trial period is complete.

Do your tutors have DBS certificates (previously known as CRB)?

Yes, all our tutors have valid DBS certificates (enhanced level). Some have existing certificates that have been requested by another organisation, which we then carefully check for validity and suitability as part of our recruitment process.

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