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Help Your Child Get Great Marks in the GCSE, A Level and End of Year Science Exams

Many students find Science exams particularly tough. Even if a student has a good understanding of a topic, they often lose marks because of confusion over the question and how best to structure their answer. A lack of proper exam technique is a common issue among students, and it can compromise their scores in the GCSE, A Level and End of Year Science exams.

The Tutor Surgery helps students prepare for their Science exams in the three most important areas: topic knowledge, revision technique and exam technique. Bringing these three areas together ensures students feel confident both before and during their exams, allowing them to achieve outstanding marks and reach their target grades.

Hiring a Science Tutor

Our specialist tutors are well-versed in Science exam techniques. We help your child zero in on the problem presented in a particular question, identify the correct keywords to use, and then structure their answers effectively.

We also analyse your child’s strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to build on what they have learned in the classroom by filling in the skill and knowledge gaps. Our tutors go beyond learning by rote — like true scientists, we teach your child to think critically and solve problems creatively.

Learning with The Tutor Surgery

The Tutor Surgery prioritises the needs of your child above all else. We ease them in gently by conducting an introductory ‘Meet the Tutor’ session before trial lessons begin. This is a short, informal session where the student, parent and tutor meet to start building rapport and to answer any questions about how tutoring works. We avoid group teaching to ensure your child receives the undivided attention of their tutor. We only teach on a one-to-one basis, ensuring progress can be closely monitored, and every lesson tailor-made to your child’s learning requirements.

Our tutors’ credentials speak for themselves. They have all been hand-picked by other members of our tutoring team, and have been through our rigorous process of CV submission, taking up references, conducting interviews, completing background checks, and fulfilling the necessary health and safety requirements in their home. They are all qualified and experienced tutors, and specialists in the subjects and age range they teach. Additionally, we keep the parents involved as much as we can to promote a healthy teamwork ethos. We achieve this by giving feedback after each lesson, and conducting periodic review sessions to discuss recent progress and the next targets we’re aiming for.

Help your child get outstanding marks for the GCSE, A Level and End of Year Science exams. Book trial lessons today!

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