Meet our tutors

To ensure your child gets the highest quality tuition possible, we only select the very best local tutors to join our team. Firstly, they must be qualified and experienced. Then they are personally vetted by us through our rigorous selection process of references, interviews, background checks and risk assessments.

  • Alex Cleater
    Alex Cleater
  • Anja Plumb
    Anja Plumb
  • Avie Cleater
    Avie Cleater
  • Bilal Ozturk
    Bilal Ozturk
  • Diana Twum
    Diana Twum
  • George Luxford
    George Luxford
  • Ife Owofemi
    Ife Owofemi
  • Katrina Summerfield
    Katrina Summerfield
  • Moni Owofemi
    Moni Owofemi
  • Pauline Fabbricatore
    Pauline Fabbricatore
  • Rob Benson
    Rob Benson
  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith
  • Sally Schepke
    Sally Schepke