Primary School English Tutoring in Chislehurst

The Tutor Surgery offers primary school English tutoring for students in Chislehurst.

Laying a solid foundation for primary school English builds a child’s confidence in communicating both in spoken and written English. Helping them learn the intricacies of the English language – from the spelling to vocabulary as well as grammar rules – will help them prepare for further learning as well as achieving good marks on year-end exams.

The Tutor Surgery offers primary school English tutoring in Chislehurst. Our tutors were handpicked for their expertise in teaching primary school English and helping children aged 5 to 11. Our programme is designed to support what children are learning in their curriculum as well as to foster an appreciation for the subject.

The Tutor Surgery Approach

At The Tutor Surgery, your child comes first. We ensure that our pupils feel that they are in an environment conducive to learning and help them feel comfortable with their tutors. We have a Meet the Tutor scheme and offer trial lessons so that our tutors can build a rapport with your children first.

During tutoring sessions, we give pupils a one-on-one approach. We tailor our methods to their needs to help them address key areas they are struggling with and to further strengthen areas they are already good in. We give students reading and writing exercises that help them learn the fundamentals while encouraging more critical skills such as independence and self-directed learning.

Feedback is a core function of our method. We help students understand what they can do to improve. We also ask parents to collect their child from the tutor so that we can give them reports of their children’s progress.

Entrust Your Children’s Learning to Us

The Tutor Surgery has excellent primary school English tutors in Chislehurst. We help young children gain confidence in their speaking and writing abilities as well as prepare for their Key Stage 1 and 2 SATs.

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Rob always greets me with a friendly smile. I find maths tricky but Rob is very calm and kind. Rob shows me different strategies and this helps my confidence.

Ben Bissett

Ben Bissett