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The Tutor Surgery has qualified and experienced KS3 Maths Tutors in Chislehurst to help your child achieve their full potential.

Transitioning from primary school maths to KS3 maths can come with teething troubles, even when a student has passed KS2 with stellar report cards. Your child could use supplementary maths lessons to help him or her improve his or her academic performance, get through KS3 maths with confidence and build the strong maths skillset needed for the GCSE.

A comprehensive maths tuition programme also gives students with less-than-satisfactory report cards (such as Cs or a 5) an academic advantage and boosts their confidence in facing difficult problems. In our experience as maths tutors, we observed that lacklustre grades can lead to low self-esteem, which discourages some students from giving their best.

In response, our maths tutors go beyond honing your child’s maths skills; we also develop their positive attitude towards learning maths. We instil patience and determination, paving the way towards stronger self-assurance, which, in turn, fuels an impressive academic record.

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Our Maths Tuition Programme in Chislehurst

The KS3 maths tutors at The Tutor Surgery in Chislehurst balances aptitude and attitude. Not only do we develop your child’s maths proficiency, but we also train him or her to handle the pressure of shifting to KS3 maths.

Facilitated by seasoned, hand-picked KS3 tutors, our programme involves:

  • Activities Geared Towards Critical Thinking – We go beyond mere memorisation; your child will answer challenging exercises that encourage them to find the best way to solve mathematical problems.

  • Practical Problem-Solving Tips – Your child will learn practical problem-solving techniques. Although we focus on formulaic solutions, we round out lessons by exploring the non-formulaic aspects of deriving answers.

  • Optimal Learning Pace Lessons will adapt to your child’s learning pace to ensure that he or she gets the most out of the program. Moreover, we adopt the learning style to which your child responds best.
  • Build-Up of Self-Assurance – As part of our strategy to instil a winning attitude towards learning, our tutors train your child to handle the pressures of the shift and face maths problems with determination.

  • Comfortable Learning Environment – Before the programme starts, your child will meet the tutor in a “Meet the Tutor” session to put him or her at ease during the following sessions. Additionally, we employ a one-to-one set-up to ensure that your child is closely monitored by the tutor.

Help Your Child Ace KS3 Maths

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