Key Stage 3 (KS3) Maths Tutors in Bromley

The Tutor Surgery has qualified and experienced KS3 Maths Tutors in Bromley to help your child achieve their full potential.

Low scores in tests and report cards showing lower than Cs (or 5, in the new scoring system) can be a blow to a student's confidence. If your child moved up from primary school with a less than stellar report for maths, consider getting a private tutor to help him or her out next term.

Hiring a tutor gives a student a considerable advantage as he or she enters secondary school. In our experience, low self-esteem and anxiety do nothing to improve a child's academic performance; they may even worsen the situation.

Our commitment as KS3 Maths tutors is to help students in Bromley overcome their difficulties with the subject by:

  • Engaging them in one-on-one tutoring
  • Providing challenging exercises that encourage critical thinking and promote learning progress
  • Inviting parents to be involved in their children's education
  • Adjusting our instruction style and pace to accommodate the student's learning capacity
  • Teaching practical problem-solving techniques
  • Designing activities that help students memorise formulas

Our maths tutors can do more for your son or daughter. Email us with details about your child's tutoring needs.

Tutoring Calibrated for KS3 Maths

The Tutor Surgery offers a more positive approach in teaching a subject that many students regard warily. Many of them struggle with Mathematics; it's a fact. Whether or not the same is true for your child, our tutoring can help him or her master years seven to nine gracefully.

Our tutors have years of experience teaching maths to KS3 students. We realise that for many, advancing to KS3 Maths from primary school is nerve-wracking. So, building up a child's confidence is an essential part of our tutoring style.

We give your sons and daughters the tools to navigate complex mathematical problems, from a positive attitude to formulaic and non-formulaic methods of problem-solving. Our tutors don't promote mere memorisation, either; we make sure our students develop critical thinking skills so they can come up with their own solutions to problems.

The knowledge and skills we teach students can help see them through KS3 Maths. Learn more about our process and meet our tutors.

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