Primary School Maths Tutoring in Crofton

The Tutor Surgery has qualified and experienced Primary School Maths Tutors in Crofton to help your child achieve their full potential.

For many parents, teaching their young children to love numbers can be a struggle. Doing assignments and studying for primary school maths exams can be a pain, too.

The Tutor Surgery makes learning maths a breeze for students in Crofton. Our professional primary maths tutors provide support and guidance to students aged 5 to 11 who are looking to hone their maths skills. Maths can be complex, and our tutors make it simple to learn the subject by taking on a straightforward, step-by-step approach.

We believe that learning maths goes beyond memorising formulas. We instil discipline and numerical reasoning in our students to help them answer questions that they may otherwise find challenging.

The Advantages of Maths Tutoring

Many students feel apprehensive, or even scared, about approaching challenging math problems. The Tutor Surgery helps your child overcome these fears through constant practice and building up their confidence.

Every session with us centres on providing your child the tools, encouragement, and supports that are pivotal to honing their problem-solving abilities. By breaking maths into bite-sized lessons, we help them feel more confident about tackling even the most challenging equations.

How We Tutor Your Children

The maths tutoring programmes at The Tutor Surgery are beneficial both for students who are already good at mathematics, but need additional support and those who may be struggling to learn the subject.

Through an initial assessment, we learn the topics that your child may need additional help learning. Then, we develop a tailored programme according to your child’s needs. The programme will involve exercises, activities, and mock exams that guide your child through every phase of learning. We keep a consistent pace and provide your child keen attention, until they develop the discipline and skill to conquer primary school maths.

Let’s work together in preparing your child for the next stage in schooling. Book trial lessons today.

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