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Our Science tutors in Eltham are hand-picked by our most experienced tutors to ensure the highest quality education for your child.

Science exams often require concept analysis and calculations. Even if students know all the formulae, they can still lose marks because of confusion over a question and how to structure their answers. This issue can be addressed with proper exam technique, along with ample exam preparations. Our tutors for GCSE Science are here to help your child get outstanding marks and reach their target grade. We have a team of tutors who are ready help you child fulfil their academic potential.

We Help Students Ace Science Exams

Our tutors help students prepare for their exams by covering three areas. The first of which is topic knowledge. Before a student can approach a problem, they need to have a good grasp of the topic presented in the question. Our tutors will boost your child's knowledge on a specific topic, be it in biology, chemistry or physics.

The second area we focus on is revision technique. Our tutors will teach your child effective revising techniques, so they can split up each subject into different topics in a way that makes sense to them.

Lastly, we hone your child's exam techniques. Through a series of lessons and mock exams, your child will learn to analyse even the most complex questions and present their answers cohesively. We go beyond learning by rote; we teach your child to think critically to enhance their problem-solving skills.

With these three lesson areas, students will feel confident both before and during exams. Developed test-taking confidence often results in outstanding marks on core subjects like science.

We Foster a Conducive Learning Environment

In a classroom, students are expected to learn at the pace set by the class syllabus. But with one-on-one, tailored sessions with our GCSE Science tutors, students are afforded time and support to fully get to grips with the subject.

However, we don't recommend tuition to happen in your home. Some of our tutors can travel to your place, but we know from our experience that tuition is more effective when conducted in the tutor's home.

Even if your house is fairly quiet, there are things, such as gadgets, a pantry full of food and other familiar distractions that can negatively impact your child’s level of concentration. When they’re at their tutor's, those distractions are removed and focus is sharpened.

Some of our tutors who specialise in GCSE Science are based in Eltham. You don't have to worry about travelling too far for your child’s tutoring lesson. After all, we also want you to be involved as much as possible in the process. Before or after a session, our tutors will talk to you about your child's progress.

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Rob tutored Maths to both my son and daughter separately and gave them confidence they needed to get through their GCSEs. They both got a B result in the end which was fabulous. Highly recommend...

Hayley Emin

Hayley Emin