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The Tutor Surgery provides qualified and experienced Maths tuition for GCSE students in Southborough.

In 2017, 27 per cent of all 18-year-olds went on to enter higher education after completing their sixth-form studies. With the government working towards increasing the rate of adults pursuing higher education, it's important for your child to be prepared.

Taking the GCSEs and passing them is one of the key steps to successfully enrolling in university. If your child wants to pursue a university career, you'll find that a good grade in GCSE Maths is one of the most important qualifications that admission teams want to see. This is used to gauge a student's readiness for higher education and also factors into the course they're going to take.

If you want to give your child added support, or if they're not confident in their ability to pass GCSE Maths, turn to the tuition of The Tutor Surgery in Southborough. Through relevant and expert teaching methods, our highly qualified tutors ensure that your child learns advanced maths skills and a range of topics that will boost their confidence in passing the GCSEs.

Your Child's Progress Comes First

At The Tutor Surgery, we give your child the support and attention that they need to excel in maths. We don't employ the one-size-fits-all teaching method, either. We tailor our tutoring approach, starting with an assessment of your child's maths proficiency. Once we've established their strengths and weaknesses, we design lessons that help your child develop the maths skills they're lacking.

From there, we steadily advance to more complex maths concepts using a step-by-step approach. Throughout this learning journey, our tutors will address any underlying difficulties your child might be facing, and we'll find a way to overcome those learning hurdles. Through this method, we ensure that your child learns at a pace that they're comfortable with, ensuring maximum information retention.

The Key to a Brighter Future

With conducive learning environments and private, one-to-one tuition by highly competent tutors, the tutoring programme at The Tutor Surgery is the key to your child's brighter future.

Help your child prepare for and pass their GCSE exams with flying colours. Book a trial lesson today.

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